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176: Martin & Steele  -  You're Banned! Dougie stops by as we talk about the death pool, Heath Ledger and the death a  radio empire.
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175: Ask Dr. Steele Steele provides some needed medical advice for a listener and a young aisain boy is ordered to shave his mustache but the Amercian Mustache Institute steps in to right a wrong.
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174: The Vampire Warrior Martin and Steele are joined by professional wrestler Gangrel. You'll hear about Gangrel's rise through the ranks of the wrestling buisness and his career turn into the world of adult filmaking. Plus, We have had the first death of the '08 death pool.
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Martin and Steele have spent the entire weekend promoting themselves to anybody who will listen. Now it's time to help some others promote things. It's a KSEX all-star team in this one as Dic Tracy, Powder and Heather Pink are all taking part. Find out what happens behind the scenes at Club Jenna, what happened to the second hour of Pinky and the Geek, and will Heather write a diary in her attic?


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172: Dim Sum

Recapping day 2 of the AEE, Steele's escapades on the strip and an unannounced guest shows up to visit Martin and Steele.

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171: Cara Lott Pleasures Jeffrey It's the first day of the AEE and Martin and Steele are reporting live from Las Vegas. We're joined by a true legend in the adult industry who gives us some of the inside scoop on her 25-year career and gives a listener the thrill of a lifetime.
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170: Death Pool 2008 Part 2 Part 2 of the 2008 Death Pool draft.
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169: Death Pool 2008 part 1

The new year brings a whole new cast of people who are about to take the long dirt nap. Chico, Mooner, Martin and Steele make their first 10 picks in the annual death pool draft.

editorial note:  We wish no ill will on these people but if they are going to die anyway we might as well have some fun with it.

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