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136: The Advice Hour Martin and Steele answer relationship questions from their listeners. Martin gets confronted about his religous beleifs, the hair police are cracking down and paying for couch with fake bills. Plus, Steele is feeling unwanted.
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135: Stalker Jeff

So what did Steele do before Monique arrived at the studio last week? Find out during this one. A listener has had it with Martin and Martin has finally had it with one of the fans. Plus, why do people leave their work signatures attached to their emails? 

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134: Steele's Type?

(Better late than never! Libsyn is back up so here is the show that was due out on Friday morning.)

This show was an impromptu recording after a night at the bar. Martin and Steele are joined by one of Martin's new co-workers, Monique. Monique was the Guinnea pig in an experiment to see if Martin could find the perfect woman for Steele.



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133: The Truth About Drugs

Willy is back as we attempt to do a show with our worst guest of all time. We have complete coverage of the Flavor Flav Roast and Martin gets confronted about his drug use.


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132: Fair Dinkum Once every few weeks Steele does some show prep. This is one of those shows. While in Detroit recently, Steele encountered what he thinks may have been a gay bar but the name of the place may be confusing (to Steele anyway).  Now Steele will release his list of names for gay bars that he would like to open. Plus, profanity in the air.
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131: The Indian Playboy There's no shame in this one. Steele and Martin discuss their history of STDs, Martin's affinity for anal probing, and of course, their lack of looks or intelligence. We'll get in touch with our spiritual sides as we deliver some gospel tunes. Plus, The Indian Playboy, live from the reservation.
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130: Gordy Returns

No, the predatory science teacher is not coming to the studio. However, an old segment named after him is. It's the return of "The Gordy Files" as we dig into a story about a man and his step-daughter. Mooner and Chico are back for another show as we break down the parts of the month and even play an impromtu round of "would you rather" that involes a triple amputee.

Plus, stay tuned after the closing music as we present the third edition of "FTV - After the Show." We'll hear from Chico's wife, find out what happened to Mooner and check in with one of the hosts of "Sick and Wrong."

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129: Taking Issue

After an apology from his co-host, Martin is taking issue with just about everyone. Some deep seeded issues are going to be brought to the surface as Martin attempts to clear the air. You'll hear of a former show guest who may have crossed the line into Gordyism and a fat German.

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128: Sanitary Concerns Steele has some issues with the KSEX studio. Martin is looking into some recent budget cutting measures and Steele gets very hurtful towards his co-host.
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