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211: Sped Gets Famous One of our former guests is making a name for himself around the net. Plus, feltching and gerbiling.
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210: The Agony of Defeat Ed McMahon may be losing his house so Martin and Steele have an intelligent discussion of the housing crunch and it's effect on the elderly. Okay, that's a lie. There's nothing intelligent about it. Also, Jim McKay is dead and the courtroom stinks like fecals.
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209: Mr. Tard Goes To Church Parents keep trying to take their sped of a kid to church even though the preist took out a restraining order to keep the tard away. Find out what a gay Aussie thinks about Martin and Steele. Plus, Steele gets a birthday gift.
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208: The Brown Invaison Martinand Steele are accosted by an intruder. Martin holds down the fort while Steele chases the criminal. The death pool race has tightened up and we have some live music in the studio.
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207: That Car Is Hot!

Martin describes his new job, we focus on some mayhem from the world of minor league baseball and 1,000 cars get violated.


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206: My Dear Dear Friend Ted Kennedy is near death and Senator Bryd is very upset about it. A Philly DJ gets fired and Chico picks up some death pool points live on air.
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205: The Hot Hamburger Martin may have found a new favorite meal but he has no idea how to explain it. We talk to our new beer sponsor and the model for the company. Plus, a man spends an entire flight in the crapper.
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204: Dudes Marrying Dudes

We're back after 2 weeks off and the gays are allowed to get married now. We also debate the future of Dan Rackley on the show and introduce the audience to our new favorite black preacher.


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203: Kickin' Fabrics This one has a Hitler Doll and a 16-pound tumor but those aren't the high point. Rackley is back and after about an hour you'll hear Steele explode on him as he tries to get to the truth about Rackley's writing career.
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202: Rackley Returns Rackley is back again and this time he's sounding the timpani. Martin and Steele visted Doug Stanhope this week and exactley where is Rackley's mom?
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