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161: Swap Blocked This show breaks from our usual format as we had a house full of people during the recording. Dan Rackley from the AWWL joins us as well as show regular, Chico. Topics include black friday, political endorsments and sausage.  Plus, who got their feelings hurt at the thought of letting Martin do something that he's been trying to do for years.
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160: The Tranny Train

In what may be our best interview to date, we are joined by a tranny who stutters. (take a moment to let that sink in)  OK, now I'm sure that you have a lot of questions. We will ask all of the tough questions and we get answers. Everything you ever wanted to know about tranies will be answered in this exciting edition of From The 'Ville.

Plus, is homeland security keeping you safe?


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As Martin and Steele prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday they are feeling neglected by the KSEX bigwigs. We'll be joined by KSEX program director Lorraniac so we can air a few of our greivences. Topics include porn star cat fights, coffee tables and a new sponsorship deal that will put FTV where it belongs.


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This one features a bunch of stuff from across the pond. We'll examine the math involved in negative numbers and a bunch of other stuff that makes the English look silly. (soccer, royal families, knights, etc.)

Plus, it's fast approaching the gift giving season so we look at some of the gifts that we've received.

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157: I DARE You Will the anti-drug message penetrate Martin? A run-in with the local DARE represenitive gives him a chance to share a few of his feelings. When did Sienfeld get cancelled and what color is the Bounty Hunter? Answers to many questions are in store in this edition of FTV.
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156: Just Walk Away

Life is full of many questions. The trick is finding the answers to the questions. Today we you give the answer to one of the more complicated dilemas. "What do you do when you get mugged by a one-legged, knife weilding man in a wheelchair?"  Okay, it's not the most important thing to know but it could help you out at some point.

Plus, just for fun, retards with slurpees.



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155: Feline Fecals Mooner makes his return to the show and tells us of a meal he once ate directly from a litter box. Dog the Bounty Hunter is teaming up with Don Imus and Michael Richards and Martin has offended a listener (not the first time or the last).
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154: Sans Anus Steele is confronted and told that he is living his life the wrong way. Who confronted him? Could have been a Jesus freak, you'll have to tune in to find out. A Polish man is suing somebody for something that happened a while back. How long is a while? Again, you have to tune in to find out. Finally, where did the Russians send people when they messed up and if you don't have an anus, how do you dump?
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