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Steele and Martin kick it old school as the guest couch sits empty. We'll recap events from the weekend including Martin's family gathering and Steele's maiden voyage to a new adult establishment. And we'll say "Bye Bye Bye" to any rumors of Lance Bass's heterosexuality. 
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Chucky and Chico are back again. We learn lessons from the trailor parks as Chucky tells us what white trash chicks do with their kids when they want to hit the bars late at night. We'll discuss what to do when you're neighbor is a tard and play "Riddle me a former star".


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Chucky was so well received that we decided to do a follow up with him and find out how is life has changed since being on the show. Chico sits in to call Chucky on his lies and exagerations.
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Willy does his best to ruin another show but the comic genius of Martin and Steele shines through to save the day. We discuss a crime involving super glue, the sex for crack trade and even a breast milk bar. We'll get to read Willy's notes and get the second installment of "Riddle Me a Former Star."
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Our old friend Willy is in the guest chair for this one. You'll hear about some of the newest features on our website and we'll respond to some of our hate mail. (keep it coming asswipes) There's a funeral for a beloved friend on this show and we introduce a new segment that we hope will become a regular feature. In the first few minutes we'll learn about Willy's heritage but we don't know why. Oh well, at least he tried.
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Chucky finally makes it to the studio so we can discuss his awful ex-girlfriend, his love for another man's wife and how he was fooled into paying for an abortion. Paco sticks around for another one while Martin and Steele consider selling out to raise advertising revenue.
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Paco guests in a last minute replacement role. He shares with us the true story of how "From The 'Ville" has changed his life. We'll discuss our talent at ending relationships as well as recap our 4th of July celebrations.
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We hear more from Kessler and talk about Prohibs (He claims to hate us but he never misses a show.) There's talk of a gay religous mime who had a spat with the boyfiend he denies having and Steele tells us about his alter-ego. Would You Rather and Riddle Me Ailment are featured while Kessler tells us what he thinks is "The Worst."
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Kessler joins Martin and Steele as we get into the Jewish Sabboth and protesting on a check. We also have a story about a turd burglary and hear from our favorite turd burglar, Rick. And as a suprise, Kessler informs the hosts that they have been setting off the gay-dar for years. So go get some watermelon and get ready to enjoy the 15th installment of "FTV."

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