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There's one less retard in the studio this time but Martin and Steele make up for it. Kris, a listener to the show, makes the trip all the way from Hawaii to join us for this one. We'll cover Kramer's racial slurs, Nazi gingerbread men and a guy who got stabbed for not washing his hands. Steele starts drinking and ends up with 3 mics when he refuses to end the show.
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We've finally cracked the top ten so we are joined by our retarded friend Dougie.  (and a host of handlers)  You'll hear Dougie call Martin a loser and Steele a retard while explaining why DGR is better than BGR. Unless you speak fluent tard, you may need an interpretter.
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Martin and Steele attempt to bring the races together by hosting their first ever guest of color. Vernon the black guy helps us understand some of the differences between the races. We'll ask the tough questions that you've always wondered about but were too afraid to ask a black guy like "Why don't you guys eat pussy?" and "Why do black guys like fat white chicks so much?" and even "why don't you fuckers tip?"

Also in this show, Steele makes his suggestion for the next Michigan State football coach and the Toys for Tots program "just says no" to Jesus.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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After a tribute to Bo Schembechler, Martin and Steele discuss a recent court case involving Burritos and Sandwiches. A surprise guest makes a quick appearance in the studio and Martin swears off drinking on the show. We hear from some of our detractors on the comment board and get a phone call from the "fake" Chico.
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Bones and Chico are back for more. Martin tries his hand at a British accent which in turn causes Steele to do his black woman accent. Then we all try do decide which one is worse. Bones has a problem with Borat and can Steele become a 5-time "Riddle me a Former Star" champion?
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Look, this is not our finest hour. This episode was never intended to be put out but we offer it to you as a bonus show. We had some things set up but they fell through. Enjoy our misery in this one. You'll hear us struggle to come up with material, try to call our friends and even leave a few voicemails. We are also joined on the phone line with a couple of broads that were nearly as awful as us.  Enjoy it, because we didn't.

(this is not an actually show. we will be back on Thursday with a new episode)

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Martin and Steele are joined by former guest Bones and his father, "the real Chico." Chico shows us why he is an Essexville legend by sharing some of his exploits and explaining his fetish for amputees.
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Rhode makes a return to the guest couch but who really gives a fuck? The news is that he brought this bi-sexual chick with him. Martin and Steele have plenty of questions for this little broad as they ask her everything from "When did you suck your first cock?" to "Ever get diddled by an Uncle?"  It's almost two hours of alcohol fueled sexually explicit material plus retards, midgets and strippers.


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Martin and Steele contemplate lifting the ban on Wally. A pastor in Colorado admits to gay sex with prostitutes (sort of) and Doogie Howser comes out. We'll check out the election season ads and point out some of Halloween's worst people. And if that's not enough, Steele calls for the death of all birds.
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From The 'Ville's Steele and Martin look back at the first 50 episodes of FTV and you'll also find out why Steele is sometimes refered to as "Dave."
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