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110: Springbreak Revisited We're back with our second attempt at episode 110. You'll hear all about what happened in the first recording session for this episode. Here's a clue - We are now enacting a 1 tard limit per show!  Find out how many tards we tried to record with and why we did it. Plus, Steele tells a tale of a salad dodging brit and Martin is a victim of spousal abuse.
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109: From The 'Ville with Martin One of the jackasses that host this show doesn't show up so the other one is on his own. Find out who dropped the ball and where exactly the other numnuts is.
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108: Stanhope and the Twister

Stand-up comic and former host of "The Man Show" Doug Stanhope joins Martin and Steele for an in-depth discussion of politics and comedy. Hear how Doug's attempt to run for President was spoiuled by the two party system and the Federal Election Commission. Plus Doug shares his feeling's on some of today's top comics and the entire comedy scene. Later in the show, Steele tells us about his new present. It's another extended version of the show as we wait for our June 4th debut on KSEX radio.


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107: Yahoo Personals and Rye Comedian Rye Silverman stops by to tell us about his experiances in the online dating world and what it's like to have a Jewish last name while touring small town comedy clubs in the midwest. Reverend Fred Phelps explains why his church will be protesting the Jerry Falwell funeral and Liz Taylor is keeping her Van Gogh. Thursday we'll be joined by comedian and former host of Comedy Central's "The Man Show" Doug Stanhope.
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106: We're Not Gay, But We Could Be It's an extended version of FTV. Steele's friends wife makes her return to the show with a story about Catholic fokelore. Alex and Dean question Martin's skills as they relate to the gay scene so Martin is forced to defend himself against allegations that he couldn't pull hot gays. Plus we'll make an announcement about our new network and also an upcoming guest. 
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105: We're Fired! The old intro is back as we are no longer affiliated with Heat Party Radio. You'll hear us explain what led to our decision to leave and our intent to find a new network. Steele saw some old rockers this week, Martin saw some old drunks, and Palestsinian children saw a fake Mickey Mouse. Pot Brownies lead to a hilarious 911 call and Martin fucks up a prank phone call. Next week on the show - Comedian Doug Stanhope.
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104: Porn Legend Randy West

This one is going to be a little different than most of our shows. We are being joined by a personal hero of both Martin and Steele.  In the late 80's and early 90's it was nearly impossible to rent a porn without seeing our guest dropping the hammer on some broad. Today's show features a 35 minute interview with a true legend of the adult industry, Mr Randy West.

You'll hear about Randy's start in the buisness, his early years as a college baseball player and rock singer, and how he became one of the top producers in the adult entertainment world.

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103: Broadcast Standards

We've been struggling to take the show in a more politically correct direction but unfortanatly we fail once again. The founder of Heat Party Radio joins us to discuss what we are and aren't allowed to say, Martin addresses our Asian fans and there is an update on the Death Pool. Plus, Martin gets caught between an NAACP event and an Anti-Abortion Rally. 

 Don't forget to join us next time when we will be talking to porn legend Randy West.

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102: Penis Radio This one features several stories about the bodies' funniest organ. With it's the chopping off of the penis, the covering of the penis, or applying cream to the penis, it's always funny.  Martin and Weeds give Steele a dose of his own medicine and he gets very frustrated. Plus we'll announce an upcoming celebrity guest. It's smooth sailing between the moon and New York City on this edition of FTV.
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