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83 - The Bonus Show! This show was not planned and definetly not prepared for.  We had a house full of people and just turned the mics on. This show does mark our biggest studio audience and you'll hear that Steele loves to play to a crowd. Relax and and enjoy this one. We'll be back for the regular show on Thursday.
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82 - Black History Month

The last episode for February features Vernon the Black Guy as Martin and Steele share some of their memories from Black History Months gone by. Items covered include Aretha Franklin's eating binge, swimming lessons, and Martin's problem with some of our female listeners. Plus you'll never guess what the mexicans found on a pizza pan. Chico and Steele's Friends Wife kick "pop-ins" as the studio begins to fill up with people attending Steele's Friend's Wife's party. 

As a bonus for our FTV listeners, We'll be releasing a bonus show this week featuring guests from Steele's Friend's Wife's party. It will only be available on and will not be released on Heat Party Radio. Look for it on the feed by Wednesday and we'll be back for the regular show on Thursday.


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81 - Get The Fuck Out...JonBenet Dougie and Kyle are back and you can hear the frustration from Steele and Martin.  Both of the hosts are fired during this episode. Dougie is told to leave several times but he is to retarded to understand. He announces that he is a "silent partner" and then gets his mid-'90's pop-culture references confused.
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80 - It's Raining Tards Dougie is back and as tarded as ever! We'll hear about Dougie's encounter with a steamer on the Grand Am Dance Floor, his views on religion and even test his knowledge of math, history and geography. Plus, Martin has cancer. 
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79 - Foreskins, Stalkers and Singers Jen is back as we talk about her experiences with the uncut pickles and play "Riddle Me a Former Star." We check the voicemail line and Steele does his best Jerry Lewis impression.
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78 - Duelin' Washingtons We finally get another female guest as Jen stops by the studio. Steele tells us of his many trips to the dentist lately while Martin gets revenge for all of the Washington jokes from previous shows. Anna Nicole died and nobody had the forsight to pick her in the death pool and FTV is auctioning off a peice of the show.
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77 - The Gays It's our first show for and we get the ball rolling with several topics relating to the gays. We'll hear from Gay Steve, Gay Rick and Gay Kyle. (Kyle might not be gay but it sounded better)  Steele shares why he wasn't around for the show last week and Martin contemplates working out in the nude. 
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The Best of FTV Chico hosts this look back at some classic FTV moments. We'll return Thursday with an all new episode.
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76 - Hey Kid...What's In The Bag? As always with From The 'Ville, this episode is full of strange happenings. An old lady dies when her powers gets turned off, a fire breaks out and nobody seems to care, and a cripple uses a nun to get him a hooker so he can get laid before he dies. (yes, we said he used a nun to get a hooker).  Later, Steele offers some health advice on the proper use of public toilets which leads to Martin and Steele sharing stories of bathroom mishaps at younger ages. Plus, Steele has found a crime that he refuses to stand for.
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