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118: Nurse Travis Some guests stop by the studio to share the coming out story of an effeminate male. Plus, fire hydraunt horror stories, insane laws that further enchroace on your freedoms and Thomas Jefferson toys.
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117: The Ten Commandments The Vatican issued a new set of commandments last week so Martin and Steele are coming up with a few of their own. We'll also talk about concert goers, Steele's effeminate red phone and proper footwear for taking a piss.
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116: Free Kirk Hairball John returns and we finally find his limits, Sure he can hang with Martin and Steele on the retards and midgets, but when the racially charged jokes start flying he wants no part of it. (at least at first) Steele and his penis are on the outs, sod busters like chicken, and chinks are named Wang. All that plus Andy Rooney on tonight's edition of From The 'Ville.
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115: The Gay Bomb Syndicated Radio Host Hairball John is making a return visit to Steel-Mar Studios as we talk about the concert that Steele is heading to this week. Martin has had several problems lately, including a defective washington. A 70-yr-old german is acting like a 14-yr-old german and the Pentagon is researching a new weapon.
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114: Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo! As suggested by the title, we're talking midgets in this one, (again).  Martin had a meeting with one of the listeners and shares all of the details while Steele tells us more about the turd twister. Stay tuned after the KSEX portion of the show ends and we will debut the new segment "FTV - After the Show."
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113: My Butt Yearns Chico sits in for this one as Steele debuts his latest motion picture undertaking. Mr. Spring Break checks in on the hotline at (206) 600-4FTV but we still have no idea what he's talking about. Also, Pay at the Pump, erectile disfuntion and energy drinks.
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112: The Greatest Porn Star Ever

This one features a replay of our recent interview with Porn Star Randy West. We know that some of you have heard this interview already but the new listeners on KSEX have not. Half of the show is new material as we recorded a new opening and ending around the interview.  We're back with more all-new stuff next week.

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111: Welcome to KSEX It's our first show on KSEX radio and we're recording from the LA studio. Steele's having problems with his digestive tract, Martin has found a new product for cleaning up his "mess," and a bar owner is pulling the 'ol bait n switch. Plus, why should the new Steele have to pay the old Steele's bills?
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