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Steele shows his intellectual side in this one as he engages the audience in a frank discussion of third world conditions before and after the recent action in the Sudan. Also covered in this episode is the 1972 police action against the Irish rebels, the effect of fiat currency as it relates to the global economic situation and the struggles facing 2-income families in the modern workplace.
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We're talking Civil War Re-enacters in this one along with an array of other topics. Martin's trying to find some spinach, while enjoying the new fall TV season. Steele's trying to figure out if Joe-Pa has the shits while he boasts of his skills in the field of chink-spotting. We'll take a look at the Rachael Ray show. And as if that's not enough, we'll take another look at fashion for people kickin' "Dubs-Nubs."
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Show #38 finds Martin and Steele considering a format change. We'll explore a podcast from a different category as we try to find a new home for FTV. We also discuss football and Germans. 
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Martin and Steele discuss the hangovers that followed the last show, Martin's poor selection of footwear, and Steele's trip to the high school guidance counselor. The Pope made some inappropriate remarks and we'll make some more. Also included is a full recap of the first episode of Racial Survivor.
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Martin and Steele are joined by Weeds in this one as we all get really fucking drunk. We'll talk about a football coach who was arrested for nude driving, huggable jesus dolls and take suggestions for Katie Couric's new sign-off. In between that, we'll go drunken jabbers about any number of other topics. It's three alcohol fueled chatty cathys going chittty-chitty bang bangs on episode 36 of From The 'Ville.
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We use this special episode to pay tribute to our fallen friend (After Steele figures out who actually died). It's a very solem show as we also show our respect on this very special 9-11 episode. Weeds in the studio as we discuss the events and aftermath of 9-11. We'll examine how all of our lives have changed since that day. 

(umm.... not really)

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Mooner is back to discuss his earliest drinking memories and then the topic turns to religion and relations with the in-laws as Steele's Friend's Wife drops in. We'll finish up our telethon talk and then things get ugly as the hosts turn on each other. They'll each take turns trying to embarrass the other as they recall tales from each others pasts.
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Happy Labor Day! What the fuck is Labor Day anyway? We don't rest on the holidays at From The 'Ville. Show 33 takes a look at Telethons gone by as we pay tribute to Jerry Lewis, Ed McMahon and all those little retarded kids. We'll compare the telethon to to Passover. (The Jews can't eat on Passover and Steele can't eat during the telethon.) And as if that wasn't enough, Mooner kicks pop-ins. 
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