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127: The Brunch Martin and Steele, in an effort to prepare for their upcoming trip to West Hollywood, go to a brucnh. How gay did they get? Listen to find out.
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126: Reality Check

Martin and Steele are back with their unique perspective on the summer's offering of reality television. We'll be taking a look at "Rock of Love," "Scott Baio is 45 and Single," and "Hogan Knows Best."

Plus, we'll here from Steele's Penis as he begins to move on with his life.

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125: A New Leader Steele is riding high as a recent death has him sitting atop the standings. Martin gets some revenge as the gays admit that he may do well in the gay bars. Plus, one of us alledgedly sounds like Lewis Black.
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124: An Old Bit

Martin and Steele are back and they're dusting off an old bit from the early days of the show. That's right, one of the segments that helped to launch the show is coming back for a "one night only - special appearance."

Plus, Steele shares how he has been getting in touch with his softer side since the cancelation of Oprah - After the Show!

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123: Triple Meats and Gimp Arms Martin hit another family dinner and once again the in-laws kicked the triple selection from the meat group. A listener has a problem with Martin. Plus, Steele tells of the five-star accomadations he visted over the weekend and Martin had a run in with the handicapped.  
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122: Easy Like Sunday Morning

(This one is dedicated to Austrailian listener Matt Weston. He decided to give us some advice so we of course do the opposite of what he says.)

Martin is worried after what happened to a christian salesman, Steele wants to run with the bulls and Scoliocis Steve's wife has soured on FTV.

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121: No Relemints We're back with an important lesson on fireworks safety and how to properly speak the english language. Martin and Steele recap their holidays and Andy Rooney drinks milk.
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120: Where's the H? We're back and Martin has a problem with some of the attention that Steele has been getting lately. This leads to a frank discussion of exactly who is the star of the show. Then, we'll resond to an email from a "man of the cloth."
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119: Making Something Out of Nothing Martin and Steele rack their combined brains to try to find something for the show. Will they succeed? That depends on your definition of success.  Martin offers a theory on how Chris Benoit's wife could have stayed alive, Steele tells us about Mr. Condom and Andy Rooney is saying something about something. Plus, Mr. Spring Break checks in with an update.
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