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144: Firewater and Feet

We are recording this one just an hour before we head to the airport for our trip to LA. We check in with Bob Bartels to find out what to expect from the West Hollywood gay bars and we'll hear about the hotel accomodations for the guys from Sick & Wrong. Plus, we have some "reservations" about who Nike is targeting with their latest product.

(Thanks to Mams for the picture)


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143: The Institute

It's all about the mustache in this one as we interview the executive director of the American Mustache Institute, Aaron Perlut. We get answers to all of the mustache questions that other people are too afraid to ask.

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142: Stancing With The Stars

This one is out a couple hours late because I'm all fucked up! The good news is that I got to see a few of my wife's friends tits. The bad new is that they wouldn't let me go suckie sucks on them.  Anyway, Rackley is back and still as shot as ever. Plus, William Daniels stops by to promote his upcomng event.  Eat dicks, you suck. I'm drunk! 

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141: Leave Britney Alone Dan Rackley is back to announce the official end to his comedy career. (should have took it on the death pool)  Even George W. Puppet has met it's demise. Find out what area of the performing arts Dan has turned his attention to now.  Get pointers from Martin and Steele on cutting a proper promo, O.J. update, and Kathy Griffin finally says something funny.  Plus, Leave Britney Alone.
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140: Reservation For Mr. Corky and Mr. Gerri

We reveal the results of our mantie voting contest. Molly Ringwald, circa 1986, hot or not. Steele's take on ginger blokes. An update on a tiny Gordy. Plus, what happens when the guy in the next trailor steals your keys?


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139: Jolson High

A fat opera singer is dead and will no longer be taking pictures. Brittney is back and so are her backing vocals. Martin visits a black school and Steele tells us of the local high school in Vaudville. Plus, '80's wrestlers and old Kiss albums.

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138: Personally Speaking This one starts with Martin and Steele arguing about the true star of the show (again). Once tempers get in check we'll continue to cover the telethon, ask the listeners for help picking out our underwear, and check out some interesting items from the personal pages.
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137: Jealousy Rears It's Ugly Head Warning - This show is all over the place. We're recording while watching the Telethon and the tards keep distracting us. Topics covered include: Gay sex in bathrooms, dogfighters finding the lord, and hot chicks who are stupid. Plus, one of the hosts gets upset when the other host grabs a peice of the spotlight. 
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