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It's amazing what some people will stick their cocks in. In this episode Martin and Steele will try to figure out why some guys are fucking some of the things that they are fucking. Episode 49 has everything from Beastiality to Mom Rape.  Plus, some kid is missing an instrument.
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So what's wrong with these kids today? From the 'Ville suggests that maybe it's not the kids. Maybe it's these fucking adults who are afraid to let kids play tag, dodge ball or even touch football. Hear Martin and Steele share stories of their playground days as we talk about a football team that gave up and a new Halocaust inspired weight loss plan.
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Martin and Steele discuss what Martin should do with his free time as he finds himself suddenly out of work. We'll unleash on the Indians and Mooner kicks a "pop-in."
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We debut a new addition to the studio in this one and if you haven't figured it out based on the title, you'll have to listen. Steele brings us a story on the history of the Hitler Moustache and we also hear from Captain Ron. And what happens to those unused championship shirts?
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Show 45 starts with an apology to all of our listeners. After that we get into the nonsense. We pledge to help the Hawaian Earthquake victims and share our sympathies for the family of Corey Lidle. Steele unviels a new list, Martin goes on a political rant (again) and we talk about an autistic kid who gets beaned on the ball field.
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Steele goes to the doctor and becomes a victim of what can only be described as "tard on tard crime." Martin had his own doctor's office run in and has also picked up new information on our favorite child molesting former science teacher. Other topics include Old wrestling theme songs and of course the Tigers continued path to the World Series.
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Episode 43 opens with the radio call of the Tigers eliminating the Yankees from the ALDS and centers around Martin's trip to the game. We'll hear about the chicks he met outside the stadium and play guess my ethnicity with one of the girls. Also included is a discussion of Captain Ron's sexuality, Chico poor driving and bandwagon fans.
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Episode 42 finds Martin, Steele and guest Chico talking about that kid-diddlin congressman from Florida. We'll also hear about Steele's first time, (not with a woman, his first time with himself.)
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We return with our first new episode in a week. The show kicks off with a discussion of the missing episode and a way for the listeners to get the unreleased FTV 40. Then we'll take a look at the local wine walk, play "Riddle Me a Former Star" and take a trip to the gordy files.
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