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Galzier and Chico are back but Glazier doesn't realize it. We'll get a bonus restart in this one as Glazier was unaware that we were doing a show. Martin laments the naming of fast-food menu items, and Steele claims to have a nice ass (again).
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Martin loses all control as a drunken guest named Glazier joins the hosts after going either 55 or 56 days without a drink. Chico is making his return visit to the studio in an effort to give the show a little latin flavor.  In between Glazier's incoherent nonsense we'll discuss the new season of Survivor, that sock in front of Martin's house and play "Riddle Me a Former Star." We'll also find out what put Glazier on the wagon and then here about the events that pushed him back off it.

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Episode 30 contains more left turns than of any of the first 29 shows as we cover Steele's weekend trip the NASCAR race. The Martin family attended a baseball game and we'll hear about that disaster as well as taking a trip into the Gordy Files.


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Show 29 centers on Martin's attempt at birth control. We'll follow that up with some talk of the Canadian Football League and JonBenet's alledged killer.
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The Thursday episode finds the hosts discussing the make-up of a strange muck that has washed up on the local beaches. We'll check in on a former Buckeye's fall from grace and prostitutes who advertise online. Also up for discussion is the Bill of Rights, Joe Leiberman and convenience stores or hotels that "kick fakes."
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Episode 27 finds Martin back from a short vacation and answering some of his critics. We'll dig deeper into the Mel Gibson story and find out why fat people do the things that fat people do. We'll also hear people claim that Alchoholism and Obesity are diseases but Steele brings us a story about a real disease.
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In an effort to shake things up, Martin does the drinking this time as Steele goes on the wagon. Steele's Friends Wife sits in as drunken Martin babbles on. Even more drunk Martin is on the way soon.
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Episode 25 finds the Martin having a bad week. First his car breaks down and then his favorite show is interupted by a fat weatherman going yakety-yaks about some fucking rain storm. But nobody had a worse week than Mel Gibson. We'll get Steele and Martin's thoughts on Mel's drunken tirade and subsequent apologies.
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Martin and Steele are joined by Steele's friends wife as they discuss wedding etiquette.  Other topics include black fashion and chat room lingo.
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