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101: Trainwreck! Ever have one of those days when you plan to do a bunch of things but somehow get sidetracked? That's what this show is like. We had a whole list of topics we wanted to cover but when Steele mistaked Hugh Grant for Lou Grant...well, you can figure out the rest. Let's just say you may want to study your '70's and '80's TV shows because the pop-culture references will be flying by quickly. When we finally get back on track we'll be breaking down our latest hate mail. Plus, Weeds is making a return appearance in the studio.
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100: Customer Service What do you do when your phone doesn't work? One thing you can't do is call somebody. Find out what happened when a Martin and Steele phone call experienced technical difficulties. The Pope get some new shoes, some guy gets a new tounge and Martin wants a new foreskin. Plus, how do people find FTV? A look at search terms that led people to our website.
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99: Chinamen Runs Amuck Warning: episode 99 contians nudity as Martin does the show shirtless. We'll learn more about the chinamen who shot up Va Tech by digging into his videos and we've even put together an audio montage of his maniacal rantings.  We can't understand a thing he says but thats to be expected since he is speaking overdubbed. We'll also get some parenting tips from Alec Baldwin and premeire a new promo from the boys at Sick And Wrong.
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98: The Skinny on Fatties Mooner shares the details of his recent trip to a BBW party. What is BBW you ask? Here is a clue: It has to do with fat chicks. Tune in and find out the answer. We're also asking for some listener help. Would somebody please count the number of times that we refer to fat chicks as "pigs" and let us know the total.  In addition to the fat pigs, we'll talk about a rape case in which the defense team involked the "small penis defense." Plus, naked chicks on beer bottles and the return of Menudo.
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97: On The Pole

A listener wants to know what are the best songs for strippers and Steele, Martin and Mooner fancy themselves experts in the area. Don Imus has been taking heat all week and FTV will get their shots in as we try to shed some light on race relations. Plus, Don Ho died and Martin gets 24 points.

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96: Nappy Headed Hos

This one is sponsored by Steele has an issue with his ass and the blacks have an issue with Don Imus. Martin and Steele are busy coming up with new scripts for porn and Steele's living quarters are a wreck.

Remember, to help kids with cleft palettes.

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95: I Drank My Piss Steele enjoys a new beverage as his Gatorade bottles suffer from a case of mistaken identities.  Easter basket mishaps, the washing of the feet and triple meat dinners are all included in this show.  By the way, FTV is now 100% gaurunteed not contain e.coli.
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94: I Pissed My Pants

This episode brings an update of Chucky's blog. We'll find out his feelings on parenthood and the gay bumps will overtake the studio. There's sex changes, wedgies, and a stolen bike. Plus, Martin relives being the victim of a school yard bully.

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93: Captain Ron Captain Ron joins us all the way from LA. He's phoned the show in the past and is a frequent contributor to the comment board but this time he is in studio as we try to figure out his sexuality. He claims to be straight but clearly lives the life of a gay man. After recording this episode, Martin and Steele are convinced that he is at least bi-curious. We'll also hear from Ron's friend Adam, visit the Gordy files, and hear about a high school softball game that got out of hand.
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