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The Tranny Conference Although not technically a show, this was recorded after a recent show and features a conference call with Martin, Steele, The Robed Wizzard, Ubo, and Tranny Steve.  Enjoy!
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168: Merry Christmas! Enjoy this, the final show of 2007. We'll see you for the Death Pool draft, live Jan.5th, 2008.
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167: Technical Difficulties

After 39 minutes of a live show, our computer died. After 28 minutes of a recorded show, our backup computer died.  After 18 minutes of a second recorded show our other backup computer died. After 3 minutes of sex Martin's penis died but that had nothing to do with the computer.

We are so dedicated to giving our listeners a show that we recorded this, our fourth attempt at a show.

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166: I Am Not Gay...I Never Have Been Gay

After anouncing some of the new rules for the '08 death pool, we'll let you know how you can participate in next year's event. 

Larry Craig's alleged former gay lovers are coming out and a an old brit has gas.

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165: Let's Go To The Mall

Natalie Hollawy and Lacy Peterson are still in the news and Martin fears that he has entered some sort of time warp. A crazed gunman kills 8 before turning the gun on himself in Omaha and it wasn't Jeffrey. 

(Before going on an killing spree be sure to get your FTV merchandise by emailing the show.)

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164: World Aids Day It's the giving season as well as World Aids Day. So of course Steele is going to be confused.  Plus, trannies and the worst example of racism ever.
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163: Metal Health

This one starts out by bringing back the original FTV theme song as a tribute to Kevin Dubrow, who passed away last week. Also passing away in the previous week were Redskin Sean Taylor and Daredevil Evil Knevil.  Who had theses guys in the death pool? If you've been listening all year then you probably already know.


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161: Swap Blocked This show breaks from our usual format as we had a house full of people during the recording. Dan Rackley from the AWWL joins us as well as show regular, Chico. Topics include black friday, political endorsments and sausage.  Plus, who got their feelings hurt at the thought of letting Martin do something that he's been trying to do for years.
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160: The Tranny Train

In what may be our best interview to date, we are joined by a tranny who stutters. (take a moment to let that sink in)  OK, now I'm sure that you have a lot of questions. We will ask all of the tough questions and we get answers. Everything you ever wanted to know about tranies will be answered in this exciting edition of From The 'Ville.

Plus, is homeland security keeping you safe?


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As Martin and Steele prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday they are feeling neglected by the KSEX bigwigs. We'll be joined by KSEX program director Lorraniac so we can air a few of our greivences. Topics include porn star cat fights, coffee tables and a new sponsorship deal that will put FTV where it belongs.


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