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Show 14 puts Steele's Friends Wife back in the guest chair. We have a frank discussion of dirty britches and then talk online gaming crackdowns and the 70's term "Whoopi." Martin tries his hand at writing a "would you rather" and the whole thing blows up on him causing him to criticize Steele's writing methods in an obvious attempt to cover up a bad bit.

(this show marks the first time that something was so bad it had to be edited out so you will notice some drum beats about 30 minutes into the show.)

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We'll take a look at Jewish Rabbis, Ozzie Guillen's use of the word faggot and Steele's Friend's Wife stops by to tell us about a fat guy she met.
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Steele quits the show. - Steele returns to the show.
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Episode 11 finds Bradley D. back in the guest chair. Topics covered include blankets and sheets used for curtains, shitty ski slopes, missing teeth and a hat full of steamers. We also play a round of "Would You Rather."
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Bradley D. Joins Martin and Steele as we talk principal ass grabbing, "biggie size fries" and the origins of "Bradleys." We hear from Gay Rick and then talk German Hookers. Bradley D. shares his hooker experience as well.
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It's From The 'Ville's special all-gay episode. Wally is back and questioning his sexuality. Rhode is also in studio as we discuss several issues that affect "The Gays." We're talking gay marriage and gay superheros. Plus how to tell a bottom from a top.
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Show 8 starts with an apology. Rhode is in the guest chair as we delve into a cell phone ban and an english only cheesesteak shop. Steele has a story about a foul mouthed bird. A caller joins us in the second half of the show and is looking to clear up some issues.
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We're talking masturbation tips and techniques as Bones and Wally join us in the luxurious Steele-Mar Studios. Steele continues to get bombed while we also discuss the NOSSA and an incident of stink thumb. We'll hear from Rhode but the whole thing comes to an abrupt end when a drunken Steele starts throwing the mics.
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