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92 - The Peep Show Chico joins us in the studio for this serious edition of the show as Martin reaches out for help with an issue that has affected his quality of life lately. Ted Turner proves to the world that he is a fan of the show, a school bans the use on Myspace and Martin wonders where all the perverts are. Later, Steele surprises everyone with a gift.
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91 - The Heckler Martin has a list of problems with some of the goings on at the annual St. Pat's Parade.  His number one problem, in Steele's opinion, is that he doesn't know what a list is.  From heckling 9-yr old girl to killing yourself, this episode has it all.
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90 - Scoliosis Will Fuck You Up!

One of our listeners shares his personal horror story with us this time as we talk about Steve's missing testicles.  Plus, Jerry's Kids, Drunken Germans and a midget gang.


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89 - Luck 'O The Irish O' Martin & McSteele are celebrating St. Paddy's day by drinking a bottle of the good stuff.  We'll answer some email from listeners, go into the jiggly room, and find out why Martin's brother-in-law quit drinking. John Denver gets some recognition and of course we have a story from Germany. All that, plus, a listener wants to know if Steele is retarded.
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88 - A.K.A It's the special St. Patrick's Day edition of From The 'Ville and Martin will take a look at the social injustices suffered by Irish immigrants in the early part of the 20th century. We'll compare treatment of the Irish to the way blacks we're brought to this country and then, as a public service, we'll help our younger listeners get prepared for the Prom Season.
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87 - The Fall Martin almost didn't make this show as he had a brush with death that he will talk about. In fact he'll talk alot about it. Come to think of it, he'll actually talk way to much about it.  We'll discuss personality traits that lead us to question peoples sexuality and pay homage to a fallen '70's rocker.
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86 - The Puppet Show

What if the president was a puppet? Dan gives us his interpretation and tells us of his next puppet project. Steele, of course, gets the gay bumps. We also talk about a new chain of coffee shops, freedom of speech, and an update on Naked Sunday.  All of that plus Steele breaks down the different degrees of Short Busses.

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85 - Name Calling Dan sits in with us as we take some shots at another podcast from our area. The Goin' Deep Show takes a beating in this one. We'll learn all about their show, or at least we'll learn that they like big tits.  Plus Martin and Steele make a deal with the listeners.
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84 - Christ's Birth (the real story) It's 5 a.m. and Martin and his wife are in bed. So why is Steele in Martin's kitchen playing with lemons and limes? This is just one of the many questions we'll try to answer in this edition of the show. Other topics include getting cut off at the bar, the TV guide channel and Martin's version of the so-called "greatest story ever told."
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