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66 - The Year in Review The final show of 2006 finds Steele contemplating unusual wiping techniques while Martin offers his ass-cleaning tips. Martin has found what he believes to be the gayest profession a man can have. There's a different kind of rapist on the loose in Texas and we'll also pay tribute to The Godfather of Soul.
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65 - An FTV Christmas

It's the FTV Christmas special! Steele and Martin spread some holiday cheer as they discuss the birth of christ, Canada's Boxing Day and grown men in Santa Hats. Plus a complete recap of the comedy show and the activities that followed.


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64 - Gas Chambers...What Gas Chambers? The Iranians, with some help from David Duke, are holding a conference to decide if the Halocaust really happened. If that doesn't have FTV written all over it then nothing else does. Plus some kid jerked off into the ranch dressing (seriously, how could we not cover this one?). Bill Arundale is back with us to share the story of his brush with testicular cancer. All that plus Ching-Chongs, Nazis, and frozen mountain climbers.
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63 - Comedy Stylings

Steele and Martin are joined by comedian Bill Arrundale as we take a look at life on the road as a stand-up comic. Bill shares his tales of bad hotels, bad comedy clubs and bad road trips. Those mountain climbers are still missing and ecoli is running rampant.

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62 - People Are Talking Show 62 centers on what a few other Podcasts have been saying about FTV. We'll hear about a new show that Martin has discovered. Steele has problems with the level of customer service at the pharmacy and men who order small sandwiches. All that, plus Indian men (dots, not feathers) are having a problem keep their peckers wrapped.
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After deleting us from his MySpace, former guest Chucky gets his punishment, FTV Style. Chico sits in as we read from Chucky's blog. You'll be sure to have the "gay bumps" by the time this one is over.  Plus fake retards, farts on a plane, hurricane predictions and we'll give away some tickets.
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Hairball John is back in this midget-heavy episode of From The 'Ville. We talk midget porn, midget wrestling and midget cover bands. Also included are glow bowling, frozen babies, male porn stars of the '80's and Andy Rooney. Plus an unforgettable interview with former Guns-n-Roses drummer Steven Adler.
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Syndicated radio host Hairball John sits in with Martin and Steele to talk about the glory days of metal, play riddle me a former star, and pimp his show. We'll also get another apology from Kramer and announce an FTV live event. Plus, guess how the goverment is trampling on the constitution this week.



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