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185: Better Than Nothing

The title says it all. It's a show. It's a bad show, but still it's a show. And let's face it, it's still better than 99% of the other podcasts out there.

We help people fix their computers, look at porn, a guy jerks it near a bus.  We fill an hour with almost nothing.

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184: Cuz It's My Birthday! It's a birthday celebration on FTV. The Robed Wizzard is in studio to celebrate Martin's birthday. Plus, the evolution of Steele, Sod Busters, and an apology.
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183: She's Back!

Our Favorite mother from North Dakota is back again. This time she's calling for more regulation of FTV, explaining why she hates us and telling us what a good parent she is even though her kids talk like Steele.

We are also joined by Tim from I Love Road Head. Plus witches and pregos.

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182: Sex With The Homeless After a pointless discussion about the varying styles of high-jumpers throughout the decades, we are joined by Rick Shapiro of HBO's Lucky Louie.
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181: Blanket Of Revenge Martin brings an item for show and tell but Steele ends up wearing it.
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180: Bottom Of The Barrel The authorities have been called and Martin & Steele are seeking Counseling and Christianity. (Actually, We're celebrating the fact that we've reached a milestone.)
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179: Hating On The Flagship There is some annomosity at Tanc Radio. I t seems that some folks think that they should be the flagship. What is the Mofo show anyway? Plus, things are heating up in the arcade.
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178: Never Get Busted We talk to former drug cop and creator of the DVD series never get busted, Barry Cooper. Plus, black history month and retarded bombers. 
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177: Emergency Surgery Steele had to head to the emergency room where he was admitted for surgery. Don't worry. He's fine now but there is to be no maniputation...
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