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October 2008
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211: Sped Gets Famous One of our former guests is making a name for himself around the net. Plus, feltching and gerbiling.
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210: The Agony of Defeat Ed McMahon may be losing his house so Martin and Steele have an intelligent discussion of the housing crunch and it's effect on the elderly. Okay, that's a lie. There's nothing intelligent about it. Also, Jim McKay is dead and the courtroom stinks like fecals.
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209: Mr. Tard Goes To Church Parents keep trying to take their sped of a kid to church even though the preist took out a restraining order to keep the tard away. Find out what a gay Aussie thinks about Martin and Steele. Plus, Steele gets a birthday gift.
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208: The Brown Invaison Martinand Steele are accosted by an intruder. Martin holds down the fort while Steele chases the criminal. The death pool race has tightened up and we have some live music in the studio.
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207: That Car Is Hot!

Martin describes his new job, we focus on some mayhem from the world of minor league baseball and 1,000 cars get violated.


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206: My Dear Dear Friend Ted Kennedy is near death and Senator Bryd is very upset about it. A Philly DJ gets fired and Chico picks up some death pool points live on air.
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205: The Hot Hamburger Martin may have found a new favorite meal but he has no idea how to explain it. We talk to our new beer sponsor and the model for the company. Plus, a man spends an entire flight in the crapper.
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204: Dudes Marrying Dudes

We're back after 2 weeks off and the gays are allowed to get married now. We also debate the future of Dan Rackley on the show and introduce the audience to our new favorite black preacher.


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203: Kickin' Fabrics This one has a Hitler Doll and a 16-pound tumor but those aren't the high point. Rackley is back and after about an hour you'll hear Steele explode on him as he tries to get to the truth about Rackley's writing career.
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202: Rackley Returns Rackley is back again and this time he's sounding the timpani. Martin and Steele visted Doug Stanhope this week and exactley where is Rackley's mom?
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201: The Concept Peice "This is the World Series of their loins"
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200: If You Can't Be An Athlete... "Am I wearing this right?"
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199: Courting Steele "You both need a bath"
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198: Rick Rolled "From my cold dead hand"
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197: To Be The Man... "I love you,  I'm sorry."
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196: Sunny Lane "O.K, back to the strap-on"
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195: The Young Boy

"The old Jew with the big nose and suspenders.."


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194: Remembering Herb Peterson "I'm the one that said we could lay here and cuddle..."
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193: Luxury Travel "We all know it's their ass-lips"
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192: Body Of Christ "Well you're not getting anything for Easter. Because that's what Easter is all about... The Easter Bunny."
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191: Nick At Nite "He'll be here all weak celebrating all the gaelic festivites"
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190: That's Not A Kilt "I just saw your nuts"
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189: Kill The Pig "She brings them out every so often and starts talking jibberish..."
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188: Dungeon Masters "Pin the tail on your own fucking donkey"
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187: Weight Issues The Robed Wizzard stops by and finds himself on the scale.
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186: Type 1 A show regular will be getting a call from Wilfred Brimley. Guess who it is? Plus, Steele is going to be an intern and the Pondo Wedding.
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185: Better Than Nothing

The title says it all. It's a show. It's a bad show, but still it's a show. And let's face it, it's still better than 99% of the other podcasts out there.

We help people fix their computers, look at porn, a guy jerks it near a bus.  We fill an hour with almost nothing.

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184: Cuz It's My Birthday! It's a birthday celebration on FTV. The Robed Wizzard is in studio to celebrate Martin's birthday. Plus, the evolution of Steele, Sod Busters, and an apology.
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183: She's Back!

Our Favorite mother from North Dakota is back again. This time she's calling for more regulation of FTV, explaining why she hates us and telling us what a good parent she is even though her kids talk like Steele.

We are also joined by Tim from I Love Road Head. Plus witches and pregos.

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182: Sex With The Homeless After a pointless discussion about the varying styles of high-jumpers throughout the decades, we are joined by Rick Shapiro of HBO's Lucky Louie.
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181: Blanket Of Revenge Martin brings an item for show and tell but Steele ends up wearing it.
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180: Bottom Of The Barrel The authorities have been called and Martin & Steele are seeking Counseling and Christianity. (Actually, We're celebrating the fact that we've reached a milestone.)
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179: Hating On The Flagship There is some annomosity at Tanc Radio. I t seems that some folks think that they should be the flagship. What is the Mofo show anyway? Plus, things are heating up in the arcade.
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178: Never Get Busted We talk to former drug cop and creator of the DVD series never get busted, Barry Cooper. Plus, black history month and retarded bombers. 
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177: Emergency Surgery Steele had to head to the emergency room where he was admitted for surgery. Don't worry. He's fine now but there is to be no maniputation...
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176: Martin & Steele  -  You're Banned! Dougie stops by as we talk about the death pool, Heath Ledger and the death a  radio empire.
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175: Ask Dr. Steele Steele provides some needed medical advice for a listener and a young aisain boy is ordered to shave his mustache but the Amercian Mustache Institute steps in to right a wrong.
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174: The Vampire Warrior Martin and Steele are joined by professional wrestler Gangrel. You'll hear about Gangrel's rise through the ranks of the wrestling buisness and his career turn into the world of adult filmaking. Plus, We have had the first death of the '08 death pool.
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Martin and Steele have spent the entire weekend promoting themselves to anybody who will listen. Now it's time to help some others promote things. It's a KSEX all-star team in this one as Dic Tracy, Powder and Heather Pink are all taking part. Find out what happens behind the scenes at Club Jenna, what happened to the second hour of Pinky and the Geek, and will Heather write a diary in her attic?


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172: Dim Sum

Recapping day 2 of the AEE, Steele's escapades on the strip and an unannounced guest shows up to visit Martin and Steele.

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171: Cara Lott Pleasures Jeffrey It's the first day of the AEE and Martin and Steele are reporting live from Las Vegas. We're joined by a true legend in the adult industry who gives us some of the inside scoop on her 25-year career and gives a listener the thrill of a lifetime.
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170: Death Pool 2008 Part 2 Part 2 of the 2008 Death Pool draft.
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169: Death Pool 2008 part 1

The new year brings a whole new cast of people who are about to take the long dirt nap. Chico, Mooner, Martin and Steele make their first 10 picks in the annual death pool draft.

editorial note:  We wish no ill will on these people but if they are going to die anyway we might as well have some fun with it.

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