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153: FTV Live From The 'Ville goes live for the very first time. California is burning and they're using retards to fight the fires. We hear from a second generation listener, get another gift from National Pen Company, and Steele messes his britches. Plus, sex with inanimate objects and the first amendment.
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152: Save Second Base We welcome another brand new guest on this one as Sick & Wrong's Lance Wackerle joins Martin and Steele. We'll find out why he snubbed us at the podcast expo and why he has trouble saying goodbye. Plus, we'll breakdown the age old base system. What base is it when you stick a finger in the ass? How about Winklers? That has to be at least an RBI triple.
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151: Sexy College Girls

We're bringing you the debut of a new song in this one. In fact, the song is so new that it hasn't even been recorded yet. Steele's former roomate, Big Dick Dave joins us to explain how his life has spiraled down to the point that he is a one-legged, 37-year old college student.


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150: Fake Rangers At Steel-Mar Studios we love anything fake. Most of the time though we at least know why somebody is kicking fakes.  But on this episode we have no idea why some guys were pretending to be Park Rangers. Evidently it has something to do with young boys and urine but that's where the trail goes cold.  Also, a christian clown goes diddlers and a man armed with a kareoke machine fights a guy with a hoover.  Stay tuned at the end for some bonus material.
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149: Collection Notice Martin has a debt collector on his ass so while doing the show he attempts to take care of some personal buisness. Also, we read some hate mail and remember the very fucking hilarious Jonathon Winters.
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148: The Mystery of Wackerle We're not gonna bullshit you here. Sick and Wrong co-host Lance Wackerle is a weird dude. We spend most of the hour trying to climb into this guy's mindset as a way to figure him out. By the end of it all we reach 2 conclusions. He is strange, yet very intriging.
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147: Intro To Porn

What happened when the KSEX cameras went off? Well, after FTV, Martin and Steele stuck around to guest on some of the other KSEX TV shows. Imagine the antics when your hosts were surrounded by some of the hottest pornstars in the buisness today. We'll have plenty of highlights in this one.


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146: Straights in Gayland

West Hollywood will never be the same! Which one of the hosts did the gays find more attractive? Did either of them hook up? Who got grabbed and fondled? And finally, were we discriminated against?

There are wall to wall gays in this one. Alex, Dean, Bob Bartels and possibly David the Ginger? Plus, a cameo from Lorraniac of KSEX's Rain and Cuz.

Listen here or watch the show in two parts at:


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145: TV Just Got Ugly

This is the audio version of Martin and Steele's KSEX TV debut. Or. if want watch it, the link to the video version is below.

We'll recount the first leg of our trip to LA, Our first meeting with Alex and Dean, and a look behind the scenes of KSEX.  Plus, will Martin's penis become a star?

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