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66 - The Year in Review The final show of 2006 finds Steele contemplating unusual wiping techniques while Martin offers his ass-cleaning tips. Martin has found what he believes to be the gayest profession a man can have. There's a different kind of rapist on the loose in Texas and we'll also pay tribute to The Godfather of Soul.
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65 - An FTV Christmas

It's the FTV Christmas special! Steele and Martin spread some holiday cheer as they discuss the birth of christ, Canada's Boxing Day and grown men in Santa Hats. Plus a complete recap of the comedy show and the activities that followed.


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64 - Gas Chambers...What Gas Chambers? The Iranians, with some help from David Duke, are holding a conference to decide if the Halocaust really happened. If that doesn't have FTV written all over it then nothing else does. Plus some kid jerked off into the ranch dressing (seriously, how could we not cover this one?). Bill Arundale is back with us to share the story of his brush with testicular cancer. All that plus Ching-Chongs, Nazis, and frozen mountain climbers.
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63 - Comedy Stylings

Steele and Martin are joined by comedian Bill Arrundale as we take a look at life on the road as a stand-up comic. Bill shares his tales of bad hotels, bad comedy clubs and bad road trips. Those mountain climbers are still missing and ecoli is running rampant.

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62 - People Are Talking Show 62 centers on what a few other Podcasts have been saying about FTV. We'll hear about a new show that Martin has discovered. Steele has problems with the level of customer service at the pharmacy and men who order small sandwiches. All that, plus Indian men (dots, not feathers) are having a problem keep their peckers wrapped.
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After deleting us from his MySpace, former guest Chucky gets his punishment, FTV Style. Chico sits in as we read from Chucky's blog. You'll be sure to have the "gay bumps" by the time this one is over.  Plus fake retards, farts on a plane, hurricane predictions and we'll give away some tickets.
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Hairball John is back in this midget-heavy episode of From The 'Ville. We talk midget porn, midget wrestling and midget cover bands. Also included are glow bowling, frozen babies, male porn stars of the '80's and Andy Rooney. Plus an unforgettable interview with former Guns-n-Roses drummer Steven Adler.
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Syndicated radio host Hairball John sits in with Martin and Steele to talk about the glory days of metal, play riddle me a former star, and pimp his show. We'll also get another apology from Kramer and announce an FTV live event. Plus, guess how the goverment is trampling on the constitution this week.



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There's one less retard in the studio this time but Martin and Steele make up for it. Kris, a listener to the show, makes the trip all the way from Hawaii to join us for this one. We'll cover Kramer's racial slurs, Nazi gingerbread men and a guy who got stabbed for not washing his hands. Steele starts drinking and ends up with 3 mics when he refuses to end the show.
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We've finally cracked the top ten so we are joined by our retarded friend Dougie.  (and a host of handlers)  You'll hear Dougie call Martin a loser and Steele a retard while explaining why DGR is better than BGR. Unless you speak fluent tard, you may need an interpretter.
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Martin and Steele attempt to bring the races together by hosting their first ever guest of color. Vernon the black guy helps us understand some of the differences between the races. We'll ask the tough questions that you've always wondered about but were too afraid to ask a black guy like "Why don't you guys eat pussy?" and "Why do black guys like fat white chicks so much?" and even "why don't you fuckers tip?"

Also in this show, Steele makes his suggestion for the next Michigan State football coach and the Toys for Tots program "just says no" to Jesus.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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After a tribute to Bo Schembechler, Martin and Steele discuss a recent court case involving Burritos and Sandwiches. A surprise guest makes a quick appearance in the studio and Martin swears off drinking on the show. We hear from some of our detractors on the comment board and get a phone call from the "fake" Chico.
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Bones and Chico are back for more. Martin tries his hand at a British accent which in turn causes Steele to do his black woman accent. Then we all try do decide which one is worse. Bones has a problem with Borat and can Steele become a 5-time "Riddle me a Former Star" champion?
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Look, this is not our finest hour. This episode was never intended to be put out but we offer it to you as a bonus show. We had some things set up but they fell through. Enjoy our misery in this one. You'll hear us struggle to come up with material, try to call our friends and even leave a few voicemails. We are also joined on the phone line with a couple of broads that were nearly as awful as us.  Enjoy it, because we didn't.

(this is not an actually show. we will be back on Thursday with a new episode)

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Martin and Steele are joined by former guest Bones and his father, "the real Chico." Chico shows us why he is an Essexville legend by sharing some of his exploits and explaining his fetish for amputees.
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Rhode makes a return to the guest couch but who really gives a fuck? The news is that he brought this bi-sexual chick with him. Martin and Steele have plenty of questions for this little broad as they ask her everything from "When did you suck your first cock?" to "Ever get diddled by an Uncle?"  It's almost two hours of alcohol fueled sexually explicit material plus retards, midgets and strippers.


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Martin and Steele contemplate lifting the ban on Wally. A pastor in Colorado admits to gay sex with prostitutes (sort of) and Doogie Howser comes out. We'll check out the election season ads and point out some of Halloween's worst people. And if that's not enough, Steele calls for the death of all birds.
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From The 'Ville's Steele and Martin look back at the first 50 episodes of FTV and you'll also find out why Steele is sometimes refered to as "Dave."
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It's amazing what some people will stick their cocks in. In this episode Martin and Steele will try to figure out why some guys are fucking some of the things that they are fucking. Episode 49 has everything from Beastiality to Mom Rape.  Plus, some kid is missing an instrument.
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So what's wrong with these kids today? From the 'Ville suggests that maybe it's not the kids. Maybe it's these fucking adults who are afraid to let kids play tag, dodge ball or even touch football. Hear Martin and Steele share stories of their playground days as we talk about a football team that gave up and a new Halocaust inspired weight loss plan.
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Martin and Steele discuss what Martin should do with his free time as he finds himself suddenly out of work. We'll unleash on the Indians and Mooner kicks a "pop-in."
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We debut a new addition to the studio in this one and if you haven't figured it out based on the title, you'll have to listen. Steele brings us a story on the history of the Hitler Moustache and we also hear from Captain Ron. And what happens to those unused championship shirts?
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Show 45 starts with an apology to all of our listeners. After that we get into the nonsense. We pledge to help the Hawaian Earthquake victims and share our sympathies for the family of Corey Lidle. Steele unviels a new list, Martin goes on a political rant (again) and we talk about an autistic kid who gets beaned on the ball field.
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Steele goes to the doctor and becomes a victim of what can only be described as "tard on tard crime." Martin had his own doctor's office run in and has also picked up new information on our favorite child molesting former science teacher. Other topics include Old wrestling theme songs and of course the Tigers continued path to the World Series.
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Episode 43 opens with the radio call of the Tigers eliminating the Yankees from the ALDS and centers around Martin's trip to the game. We'll hear about the chicks he met outside the stadium and play guess my ethnicity with one of the girls. Also included is a discussion of Captain Ron's sexuality, Chico poor driving and bandwagon fans.
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Episode 42 finds Martin, Steele and guest Chico talking about that kid-diddlin congressman from Florida. We'll also hear about Steele's first time, (not with a woman, his first time with himself.)
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We return with our first new episode in a week. The show kicks off with a discussion of the missing episode and a way for the listeners to get the unreleased FTV 40. Then we'll take a look at the local wine walk, play "Riddle Me a Former Star" and take a trip to the gordy files.
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Steele shows his intellectual side in this one as he engages the audience in a frank discussion of third world conditions before and after the recent action in the Sudan. Also covered in this episode is the 1972 police action against the Irish rebels, the effect of fiat currency as it relates to the global economic situation and the struggles facing 2-income families in the modern workplace.
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We're talking Civil War Re-enacters in this one along with an array of other topics. Martin's trying to find some spinach, while enjoying the new fall TV season. Steele's trying to figure out if Joe-Pa has the shits while he boasts of his skills in the field of chink-spotting. We'll take a look at the Rachael Ray show. And as if that's not enough, we'll take another look at fashion for people kickin' "Dubs-Nubs."
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Show #38 finds Martin and Steele considering a format change. We'll explore a podcast from a different category as we try to find a new home for FTV. We also discuss football and Germans. 
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Martin and Steele discuss the hangovers that followed the last show, Martin's poor selection of footwear, and Steele's trip to the high school guidance counselor. The Pope made some inappropriate remarks and we'll make some more. Also included is a full recap of the first episode of Racial Survivor.
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Martin and Steele are joined by Weeds in this one as we all get really fucking drunk. We'll talk about a football coach who was arrested for nude driving, huggable jesus dolls and take suggestions for Katie Couric's new sign-off. In between that, we'll go drunken jabbers about any number of other topics. It's three alcohol fueled chatty cathys going chittty-chitty bang bangs on episode 36 of From The 'Ville.
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We use this special episode to pay tribute to our fallen friend (After Steele figures out who actually died). It's a very solem show as we also show our respect on this very special 9-11 episode. Weeds in the studio as we discuss the events and aftermath of 9-11. We'll examine how all of our lives have changed since that day. 

(umm.... not really)

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Mooner is back to discuss his earliest drinking memories and then the topic turns to religion and relations with the in-laws as Steele's Friend's Wife drops in. We'll finish up our telethon talk and then things get ugly as the hosts turn on each other. They'll each take turns trying to embarrass the other as they recall tales from each others pasts.
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Happy Labor Day! What the fuck is Labor Day anyway? We don't rest on the holidays at From The 'Ville. Show 33 takes a look at Telethons gone by as we pay tribute to Jerry Lewis, Ed McMahon and all those little retarded kids. We'll compare the telethon to to Passover. (The Jews can't eat on Passover and Steele can't eat during the telethon.) And as if that wasn't enough, Mooner kicks pop-ins. 
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Galzier and Chico are back but Glazier doesn't realize it. We'll get a bonus restart in this one as Glazier was unaware that we were doing a show. Martin laments the naming of fast-food menu items, and Steele claims to have a nice ass (again).
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Martin loses all control as a drunken guest named Glazier joins the hosts after going either 55 or 56 days without a drink. Chico is making his return visit to the studio in an effort to give the show a little latin flavor.  In between Glazier's incoherent nonsense we'll discuss the new season of Survivor, that sock in front of Martin's house and play "Riddle Me a Former Star." We'll also find out what put Glazier on the wagon and then here about the events that pushed him back off it.

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Episode 30 contains more left turns than of any of the first 29 shows as we cover Steele's weekend trip the NASCAR race. The Martin family attended a baseball game and we'll hear about that disaster as well as taking a trip into the Gordy Files.


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Show 29 centers on Martin's attempt at birth control. We'll follow that up with some talk of the Canadian Football League and JonBenet's alledged killer.
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The Thursday episode finds the hosts discussing the make-up of a strange muck that has washed up on the local beaches. We'll check in on a former Buckeye's fall from grace and prostitutes who advertise online. Also up for discussion is the Bill of Rights, Joe Leiberman and convenience stores or hotels that "kick fakes."
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Episode 27 finds Martin back from a short vacation and answering some of his critics. We'll dig deeper into the Mel Gibson story and find out why fat people do the things that fat people do. We'll also hear people claim that Alchoholism and Obesity are diseases but Steele brings us a story about a real disease.
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In an effort to shake things up, Martin does the drinking this time as Steele goes on the wagon. Steele's Friends Wife sits in as drunken Martin babbles on. Even more drunk Martin is on the way soon.
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Episode 25 finds the Martin having a bad week. First his car breaks down and then his favorite show is interupted by a fat weatherman going yakety-yaks about some fucking rain storm. But nobody had a worse week than Mel Gibson. We'll get Steele and Martin's thoughts on Mel's drunken tirade and subsequent apologies.
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Martin and Steele are joined by Steele's friends wife as they discuss wedding etiquette.  Other topics include black fashion and chat room lingo.
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Steele and Martin kick it old school as the guest couch sits empty. We'll recap events from the weekend including Martin's family gathering and Steele's maiden voyage to a new adult establishment. And we'll say "Bye Bye Bye" to any rumors of Lance Bass's heterosexuality. 
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Chucky and Chico are back again. We learn lessons from the trailor parks as Chucky tells us what white trash chicks do with their kids when they want to hit the bars late at night. We'll discuss what to do when you're neighbor is a tard and play "Riddle me a former star".


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Chucky was so well received that we decided to do a follow up with him and find out how is life has changed since being on the show. Chico sits in to call Chucky on his lies and exagerations.
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Willy does his best to ruin another show but the comic genius of Martin and Steele shines through to save the day. We discuss a crime involving super glue, the sex for crack trade and even a breast milk bar. We'll get to read Willy's notes and get the second installment of "Riddle Me a Former Star."
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Our old friend Willy is in the guest chair for this one. You'll hear about some of the newest features on our website and we'll respond to some of our hate mail. (keep it coming asswipes) There's a funeral for a beloved friend on this show and we introduce a new segment that we hope will become a regular feature. In the first few minutes we'll learn about Willy's heritage but we don't know why. Oh well, at least he tried.
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Chucky finally makes it to the studio so we can discuss his awful ex-girlfriend, his love for another man's wife and how he was fooled into paying for an abortion. Paco sticks around for another one while Martin and Steele consider selling out to raise advertising revenue.
Direct download: FTV_18.mp3
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Paco guests in a last minute replacement role. He shares with us the true story of how "From The 'Ville" has changed his life. We'll discuss our talent at ending relationships as well as recap our 4th of July celebrations.
Direct download: FTV_17.mp3
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We hear more from Kessler and talk about Prohibs (He claims to hate us but he never misses a show.) There's talk of a gay religous mime who had a spat with the boyfiend he denies having and Steele tells us about his alter-ego. Would You Rather and Riddle Me Ailment are featured while Kessler tells us what he thinks is "The Worst."
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Kessler joins Martin and Steele as we get into the Jewish Sabboth and protesting on a check. We also have a story about a turd burglary and hear from our favorite turd burglar, Rick. And as a suprise, Kessler informs the hosts that they have been setting off the gay-dar for years. So go get some watermelon and get ready to enjoy the 15th installment of "FTV."

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Show 14 puts Steele's Friends Wife back in the guest chair. We have a frank discussion of dirty britches and then talk online gaming crackdowns and the 70's term "Whoopi." Martin tries his hand at writing a "would you rather" and the whole thing blows up on him causing him to criticize Steele's writing methods in an obvious attempt to cover up a bad bit.

(this show marks the first time that something was so bad it had to be edited out so you will notice some drum beats about 30 minutes into the show.)

Direct download: FTV_14.mp3
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We'll take a look at Jewish Rabbis, Ozzie Guillen's use of the word faggot and Steele's Friend's Wife stops by to tell us about a fat guy she met.
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Steele quits the show. - Steele returns to the show.
Direct download: FTV_12.mp3
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Episode 11 finds Bradley D. back in the guest chair. Topics covered include blankets and sheets used for curtains, shitty ski slopes, missing teeth and a hat full of steamers. We also play a round of "Would You Rather."
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Bradley D. Joins Martin and Steele as we talk principal ass grabbing, "biggie size fries" and the origins of "Bradleys." We hear from Gay Rick and then talk German Hookers. Bradley D. shares his hooker experience as well.
Direct download: FTV_10.mp3
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It's From The 'Ville's special all-gay episode. Wally is back and questioning his sexuality. Rhode is also in studio as we discuss several issues that affect "The Gays." We're talking gay marriage and gay superheros. Plus how to tell a bottom from a top.
Direct download: FTV_9.mp3
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Show 8 starts with an apology. Rhode is in the guest chair as we delve into a cell phone ban and an english only cheesesteak shop. Steele has a story about a foul mouthed bird. A caller joins us in the second half of the show and is looking to clear up some issues.
Direct download: FTV_8.mp3
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We're talking masturbation tips and techniques as Bones and Wally join us in the luxurious Steele-Mar Studios. Steele continues to get bombed while we also discuss the NOSSA and an incident of stink thumb. We'll hear from Rhode but the whole thing comes to an abrupt end when a drunken Steele starts throwing the mics.
Direct download: FTV_7.mp3
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Bones pays a visit to Steele-Mar Studios as we talk healthy fast foods, rectal problems, postage stamps and fat chicks. We're also joined by Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels as well as our first studio audience.
Direct download: episode_6.mp3
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Mooner sits in on this one as we talk DaVinci Code and church shootings.
Direct download: episode_5.mp3
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Martin's wife sits in on this one as we cover roadside crosses and hairy nipples. "Would you Rather" is back and we debut a new segment called "Riddle me an Ailment."
Direct download: episode_4.mp3
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We finish up with Buttafuco, play "would you rather" talk pink bats, and search for a cause.
Direct download: episode_3.mp3
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We discuss Row Boats, Pie, and Joey Buttafuco.
Direct download: episode_1.mp3
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